Banking Law

The department of Commercial Banking Law is home to one of the largest, most effective and experienced, teams of lawyers specialized in this field. The history of our practice to-date, and our collaboration with numerous banks and financial institutions within the Republic of Serbia, is a reflection of our commitment to effectively realizing the mutual goals of our law office and those of our clients. Within the field of banking law, our work involves the foundational verification of each individual matter from a given portfolio. All our services are in accordance with valid regulations, and are conducted with the goal of effectively protecting the legal interests of our clients. The scope of the services that we offer includes:

  • The review and analysis of files. The provision of verbal and written legal advice and opinions connected to the matter for which the law office has been engaged.
  • The complete process of collecting payment for claims, as for extrajudicial claims, so through the court process.

The extrajudicial process of collecting payment for claims includes:

  • the verification of the debtor’s places of permanent and temporary residence through the Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • verification of whether the debtor owns immovable property or other assets,
  • through the jurisdictional fund for pension and disability insurance: verification of whether the debtor is employed,
  • verification of whether the debtor owns assets according to tax department evidence,
  • sending written warnings and requests to pay the disputed claim,
  • representation in extrajudicial proceedings for claim collections (proceedings before the Republic Geodetic Authority, extrajudicial immovable property sale proceedings, proceedings related to emptying the subject immovable properties of things and the eviction of persons, finding buyers, and other proceedings for the purpose of the most effective realization and protection of collateral),
  • the provision of legal and consultative opinions with regards to the realization of collateral, and especially extrajudicial mortgages.

The judicial process of collecting payment for claims includes:

  • the commencement of proceedings before the court of jurisdiction with the goal of establishing, and collecting for, the client’s claims,
  • the representation of the client throughout first-degree proceedings, in appeal proceedings, and in proceedings related to extraordinary legal remedies,
  • the representation of the client throughout bankruptcy proceedings,
  • representation throughout the entire executive proceedings.

For the purpose successfully collecting payment for claims, as for financial institutions, so for all other clients, the office has executed contracts with the Republic Geodetic Authority. Such contracts serve for the electronic verification of assets belonging to legal entities and physical persons across the entire country.

Our experience thus far and our work with these banks is manifested through the constant progression of the portfolio of cases for which we are engaged.

This department is composed of two dynamically-connected groups:

  1. The department responsible for bank business as related to commercial matters and doing business with companies – Corporate Banking, Micro Credit Loans
  2. The department responsible for business matters between the bank and natural persons – General Banking

For the needs of all business banks as well as this Department, the “Aleksic and Associates” Joint Law Office provides services before the courts and all other legal services as well as client creditworthiness verififcation. Services provided by our offices are based on extra-judicial settlement proceedings, the commencement of court proceedings and the collection of payment for claims through court proceedings. We are especially emphasizing that we follow all of the instructions of the National Bank of Serbia in relation to the collection of payment for, and assignment of, claims as well as other instructions related to the field of Banking Law.

In adition to the above-mentioned, our Banking Law department, for the purposes of evaluation and verification within the dynamic field of Banking Law, conducts foundational analyses of legal regulations. We do this in ongoing collaboration with our clients, in the goal of finding effective, timely, and profitable ways to protect the interests of our clients.