Civil Law

In addition to collaboration with leading banking and other financial organizations, as stated above, the “Aleksic and Associates” Joint Law Office is also specialized for Civil Law through the Civil Law department.

Within the framework of this department, we conduct the work of representing our clients and giving them advisory legal opinions during court, extra-judicial, arbitration, and classic civil law proceedings. This also includes the protection of rights before domestic courts, artbitration, and other international instances. As well, within the framework of this department, we also offer contract preparation services in all fields of civil law (named/unnamed contracts that are permitted as on the territory of the Republic of Serbia so in international business dealings).

The following divisions are included in this department:


  • Covers the field of the compensation of material and non-material damages that have occurred as a consequence of injury, in all event aspects (injuries related to traffic accidents, injuries at work and related to work, and similar).
  • In addition to the listed types of compensation for damages, in our experience and practice to-date, we have had numerous cases in which we have, for the benefit of our clients, secured compensation for damages. Those damages included the death of a loved one, violations of honor and reputation, violations of personal freedoms and the freedom of speech, as well as compensation for damages due to the violation of copyright and intellectual property rights in general.
  • In this field, we collaborate with leading insurance companies, departments of government, public companies important for this field, and other government and administrative departments and organizations.
  • The number of cases for which we are engaged in this domain is constantly on the rise.
  • Since the year 2013, we have represented UNIQA Insurance a.d.o. Belgrade and UNIQA Life Insurance a.d.o. Belgrade. UNIQA is an insurance company that has entrusted us with a large number of cases for the purpose of representing their interests in court proceedings.
  • Currently at the law office, in the Tort Law department, and for the needs of these proceedings, several individuals are engaged, as for attorneys, so for legal interns, who all have a high level of knowledge and experience in this work.
  • Each case that is entrusted to us for representation, as for by clients, so for by insurance organizations, is worked on very studiously, industriously, and all in the goal of achieving positive results in the litigation proceedings for the benefit of our client.
  • For more successful proceeding outcomes, and for the needs and interests of our clients (natural persons, corporate entities), the law office has engaged experts in the field of transportation, medicine, and forensic medicine. This is done to ensure that no proceedings are commenced that are not in accordance with valid laws and for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary court costs that are at the expense of the client.
  • The law office and its employees represent clients across the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia, and for the purpose of representing client interests.


Our attorneys that are involved in this department are capable in analyzing the sensitive field of family-related court cases and decisions related to this field. They aim to understand and contribute to the realization of client wishes in the best possible way. In our practice thus far, the best references for our work in this field are our satisfied clients.

While working in this field, we understand the needs and wishes of our clients, always searching for the best model of realizing that which is best for our clients’ current and future interests.


Our attorneys who are involved in this department are able to carry out foundational employer investigations in accordance with legal and contract obligations and rights from the field of employment. Such an approach makes it possible for us to act proactively in the sense of giving advice and preparing concrete acts in the case of a change in legal regulations from the domain of employment law, and all in the goal of protecting the interests of our clients before the courts, administrative departments, and other legal aspects.

We help employers in every phase of commencing and ending labor relations, the execution of collective agreements, rulebooks on work, and the execution of employment contracts. In practice, we can be involved upon the preparation of each individual contract, internal employer procedures and all aspects of the field of labor relations including the payment of severance, minimal amounts specified by legal regulations, the employment of foreign citizens, the termination procedure, termination of the contractual relationship and similar.
In all of our work to-date, the law office has, through a large number of composed management contracts, become highly-profile in that regard.

In addition to representing corporate entities in the function of employer, on the other side, within the framework of this department, we also represent employees themselves in proceedings against their former/current employers for the purpose of protecting their legal employment status.

Considering the dynamic nature of the field of employment law, we understand that the field of employment law is closely connected to other fields of the law, for example, the field of copyright, tax-financial fields, collection of payment for claims, tort, proceedings for the liquidation of companies and similar. As a result we offer the foundational and diversified collaboration of attorneys from other departments during our work in the domain of employment law.