Criminal Law

The Criminal Law department represents the oldest department within the structure of the “Aleksic and Associates” law office. The tradition of this department dates back to the beginning of the world of the Nikola J. Novakovic law office: from 1976.

This continuous tradition of practicing criminal law has led to a large number of satisfied clients. We always make an effort to, while acting in accordance with legal regulations and moral principles, place client aspirations and interests on an enviable level. We do everything possible in to respect and fulfill the instructions given to us by our clients.

If you find yourself in the situation that you are accused of a certain criminal act, your future can depend precisely on the experience and abilities of your attorney. Our clients are aware of the fact that we are not only attorneys, we are strategists and consultants and we always strive to advise our clients in a way that results in the least loss to our clients, thereby, if it is possible, that every form of client loss does not occur at all.

Within the context of criminal law, we provide the following services:

  • The review and consideration of reports and the provision of verbal and written legal advice and opinions related to the case for which the law office is being engaged.
  • The filing of criminal charges before the authoritative prosecutor’s offices and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and following the flow of the pre-criminal proceedings between the prosecutor’s office and the authorized departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • The representation of corporate entities and natural persons as those harmed in the criminal proceedings and during the realization process for property-legal requests from the criminal proceeding.
  • Representation in proceedings with elements of organized crime, as for the accused, so for the harmed party.
  • During litigation and extra-judicial proceedings, the filing of requests for the purpose of securing claims to the property of persons who have caused losses to a corporate entity.
  • The representation of parties who have been harmed, during the investigative process, through the main trial, during the appeal process, and in proceedings according to extraordinary legal remedies.
  • The representation of responsible persons within corporate entities in the case that they are found in the position of being suspected or accused.
  • The engagement of private investigators and authorized experts with the goal of finalizing the criminal proceeding in favor of the party being represented.
  • All other actions that are necessary for the success of the party in the criminal proceeding, and in accordance with the law.

In relation to the work of the law office with regards to criminal cases, it is essential to mention that an exceptionally high amount of attention is paid to preparing for court, which includes  continuous and exhaustive, often multiple day, work with the client. The goal of this work is to prepare the client for all phases of the proceedings in order for success to be achieved in the proceeding.

The law office has dealt with several hundred criminal cases, and the best references for its work are its satisfied clients and unbroken promises.