International Law

The International Law department provides a wide spectrum of services to clients of the “Aleksic and Associates” law office.

In the framework of the International Law department, we offer clients legal advisory services and representation throughout all proceedings, before the courts and other departments of government, and administrative organizations to which public authorization is entrusted, in the following fields:


– Because of the ever increasing need for the construction of new infrastructure, investments in general interest goods, and the effective provision of services that are significant to the public, the Law on Public-Private Partnership and Concessions was passed in November 2011. As a result, a suitable legal and institutional framework was created for the attraction of private investments to the Republic of Serbia. Public-Private Partnership represents long-term collaboration between a public and private partner. This is for the purpose of securing the financing, construction, reconstruction, management, and maintenance of infrastructural and other buildings and permanent installations of public significance. The provision of services of public significance that can be contract-based or institutional is also included in these partnerships. For the purpose of providing expert legal support for the realization of public-private partnership projects and concessions, a specialized team of attorneys has been formed at the “Aleksic and Associates” Joint Law Office. These attorneys provide investors with all-encompassing legal services in this field, including representation before the Commission for Public-Private Partnerships and all other departments of government and institutions.


– Representation of a private partner in the process of giving concessions, including preparation and negotiations for the execution of public-private partnership contracts with concession elements (public contract). Legal protection during the public contract award process. The aforementioned are part of the narrow specialty of a dedicated team of attorneys within the “Aleksic and Associates” law office, particularly for the provision of concessions:

1) for research and exploitation of raw mineral material and other geological resources

2) for individual activities within protected natural areas, as well as for the use of other protected natural resources

3) in the energy sector

4) for ports

5) for public roads

6) for public transportation

7) for airports

8) in the field of sport and education

9) on cultural goods

10) for utility-related activities

11) in the railway field

12) for the commercial use of cable cars

13) in the health field

14) in the tourism field


– Many globally-renowned companies have recognized Serbia’s potential and decided to locate their business in Serbia. Since the year 2000, Serbia has attracted more than 26 billion euros of foreign investment. For some of them, Serbia serves as a junction for manufacturing which allows for the duty-free export to a market of almost 1 billion people. Others are attracted by the professional level of knowledge of the English language in our country, highly-qualified workers who are easy to train, and a favorable setting when it comes to taxes and incentives. Regardless on the reason for their initial interest, companies that decide to beging doing business and conducting trade in Serbia will find reliable support through the experienced team of lawyers at the “Aleksic and Associates” law office.