Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution team has longstanding experience and an outstanding track record in assisting and representing clients in various dispute resolution matters before the relevant courts or through out-of-court mechanisms.

Standing out from the Crowd

Any kind of dispute can quickly turn into a lengthy and potentially costly matter if one is not paying attention to crucial details and handling them with care. Because every detail makes a difference, dispute resolution and prevention is a challenging legal discipline in which only true experts stand out from the crowd. The selected members of our Dispute Resolution team are highly skilled litigators and arbitrations that have gained a wealth of experience from representing leading national and international companies in their queries.

Highly Qualified Expertise

Our experts advise clients on a wide range of dispute resolution and litigation related matters with particular focus on administrative and commercial disputes. Our spectrum of services includes inter alia representations, interpretations, contractual damages, tort, bankruptcy proceedings, business offenses and violations, warranty matters, tax proceedings, and more.

Identifying Alternative Ways

In some cases, alternative ways to dispute resolution might be a promising approach. Besides representation in arbitration matters before national and international arbitration courts, our team of experts is well acquainted with alternative ways to settle a dispute, such as mediation, negotiations, conciliation and collaboration law.

Finding the Right Measures for you

Every case has a different set of underlying conditions. When developing a suitable case strategy, we always take our clients’ strategic business objectives into account to be able to find the best angle to successfully address the matter at hand.

Key contact

Sonja Savin

Head of Civil Law Department