Aleksic & Associates attends the Fintech 4 Business Forum, held on June 4 in Belgrade

Lawyers from the banking and finance team at Aleksić & Associates had the opportunity to attend the FinTech 4 Business Forum on June 4, 2019. The event was held at the Yugoslav Film Archive Museum in Belgrade.

Fintech is a modern, innovative technology designed to provide a variety of financial services and financial products, which will completely change the world of finance as we know it today. The field of fintech and the application of this technology is very wide. The products include various crowdfunding/ crowdlending platforms, digital banking services, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, digital insurance services, and many other financial solutions.

The event brought together more than 250 participants interested in learning more about how technology and financial products are disrupting the financial services industry, and the way small and medium-sized businesses finance their operations and development. Numerous local and international speakers have demonstrated how blockchain technology works, what a fully digital bank looks like, what crowdfunding platforms offer, what is tokenization, how the banking sector is changing in the world and how it will change in our country, and which legal regulations will follow these changes. Recognised for providing services in the field of banking and finance, our firm seeks to actively follow and participate in such innovative topics. The conference was supported by the USAID Cooperation for Growth Project, which aims to improve the conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia and to enable access to alternative sources of financing.