Corporate & Commercial

Corporate and commercial law is a complex, multidisciplinary area that often presents a significant challenge to both market participants and legal experts. Aleksić & Associates offers clients one of the largest and most experienced corporate and commercial teams in the Balkans.

Regardless of whether you want to:

  • Start or expand your business,
  • Select a legal form that best suits your business needs / business model
  • Change your ownership structure
  • Learn more about the rights and obligations of corporate managers / owners
  • Sell your company
  • Liquidate a business

Our team of experts is ready to assist and provide timely advice on all matters related to your business. Our clients appreciate our ability to provide quick and efficient legal advice in relation to their daily business activities and to work with them to improve their commercial efficiency and decision-making processes.

Our corporate and commercial team specialises in advising foreign investors as they enter the market (FDI’s), counselling clients on Greenfield and Brownfield investments and providing streamlined and effective advice during corporate mergers and acquisitions.

The firm provides corporate and commercial law services ranging from the development and review of various contracts (commercial contracts, distribution contracts, suppliers, logistics and transport companies, etc.), and internal acts, to public procurement, marketing and advertising activities.

The corporate and commercial team puts particular emphasis on regulatory compliance matters, understanding how frequently changing regulations can impact our clients and the success of their businesses.

Our Team – Your Advantage

Having an experienced team of advisors on your side can often give you an edge over your competition. This is why, in addition to our top-rated legal experts, our team also includes some of the top economic and business consultants in the field. This is one of the key factors that distinguishes Aleksić & Associates from other law firms in the market. Our diverse team composition is a key factor for why we are able to look at each issue in a unique way and is how we are able to provide comprehensive and pragmatic advice.

One Step Ahead of the Game

Our corporate and commercial team is constantly following changing legislation and is actively involved in drafting and providing input for new regulations. Our proactive approach means that we can quickly anticipate upcoming changes and risks so that we can get the right result whatever the circumstances

Key contact

Tamara Ramač Dunđerin

Head of Corporate and Commercial Department