Criminal law

Criminal Law has been a central aspect of our legal expertise since the firm was founded. From preventative counselling, criminal defence and appeals, we offer skilled, practical and effective support in all types of criminal law proceedings.

Our criminal law team provides advice and representation to clients in all punitive-legal matters, including:

  • Criminal procedures
  • Misdemeanour proceedings
  • White collar crime procedures

Our clients can depend on our criminal lawyers to be available to them 24/7 for legal consultation. We take a systematic approach to every case and our lawyers are particularly known for their skill and ability in preparing strategic, sensible and tenacious defence cases, strategically tailored in accordance with the clients desired outcome.

We assist indemnified parties who have suffered damage in relation to a criminal offence or other punishable act. Our reputation is based on providing the highest quality advice and representation to our clients and protecting their rights and interests in criminal procedures and litigations.

Criminal Procedures

Our criminal law team defends and represents clients before all competent bodies, including the basic and higher public prosecution offices and courts in the Republic of Serbia, as well as before the Special Prosecution Department, responsible for prosecuting war crimes, high-tech crimes and organised crime in Belgrade.

Our experience, legal knowledge and technical know-how means that we are equipped to deal with the most demanding and challenging cases. The wide range of our activities is not strictly limited to criminal procedures, we also advise on pre-trial strategies, including defence preparation and counselling, as well as post-trial tactics, aimed at ensuring the condemned persons rights are respected to the full extent of the law.

Our criminal procedure related services include:

  • getting insight into the case files
  • provisions of oral and written legal advice and opinions
  • filing criminal offence charges before the competent public prosecution offices
  • filing private criminal charges for crimes not pursued by the public prosecution office ex officio and representation in filing private criminal offences
  • negotiation and conclusion of plea bargains
  • submission of proposals for the stay of the criminal proceedings
  • taking action in jail cases
  • defence in pre-investigation, investigation and court criminal proceedings
  • invoking legal remedies against any public prosecution and court decision for the entire duration of the proceedings
  • hiring and active cooperation with expert counsellors in white-collar crime case
  • filing petitions for merging penalties, deletion of conviction, petitions for rehabilitation and petitions for release on probation.

Offence proceedings

From minor offences to serious offences, our criminal law team will be both on your side and by your side throughout the entire legal process. We will fight for an outcome that will be fair and impartial, supporting your interests until the very end.

Our team is ready to come to your defence at any stage of the process. We provide services such as filing claims for the initiation of minor offence proceedings and representing the indemnified parties in the subsequent legal proceedings.

Our services include:

  • insight on the case files
  • provision of oral and written legal advice and opinions
  • filing motions for the initiation of minor offence proceedings
  • preparation of written defences
  • defence in minor offence proceedings
  • invoking legal remedies for the entire duration of the proceedings

White collar crime proceedings

Aleksić & Associates has a long-standing track record of providing excellent and strategic legal advice on sensitive matters that threaten our clients’ businesses and reputation. We have broad experience assisting companies and organisations in fraud and white-collar crime investigations.

Our team works in synergy with our corporate law practice to provide comprehensive legal representation to clients faced with corporate crime allegations.

In white-collar crime cases, we provide the following services:

  • getting insight into the case files
  • oral and written legal advice and opinions
  • defence in all stages of criminal proceedings,
  • invoking legal remedies for the entire duration of the proceedings,
  • advocating the interests of legal entities damaged in bankruptcy proceedings by punishable acts committed by other entities/persons
  • filing petitions for merging penalties and deletion of convictions

Clients benefit from the deep breadth of experience our team possesses. We work tirelessly to prepare our clients for courtroom appearances to ensure the best possible outcome.

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