The legal experts and team of economists at Aleksić & Associates will help you navigate the labyrinth of tax laws and regulations that affect your business while helping you to put an effective and compliant tax strategy in place.

Tax Matters

Taxation and tax law is one of the most challenging fields to be working in, because clients rely heavily on good and clever assistance from their advisors. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the legal framework in a jurisdiction is a must. Combining this know-how with longstanding market experience, our tax advisors advise clients on all tax related matters and create customised solutions tailored to a client’s business objectives.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Tax and taxation issues affect all industries and businesses in a unique and specific way. Our tax experts assist on tax matters, like corporate tax, real estate tax, employment tax, tax related disputes. We offer solid advice regarding advice tax planning, tax optimization, tax recovery, transfer tax and VAT issues. We also offer several other tax related services, including tax audits or tax compliance advice.

Our services also include advice on avoiding double taxation, customs clearance and indirect taxation issues.

In synergy with our corporate, banking and finance and real estate practices, we use our multidisciplinary expertise to find the most effective solutions for our clients’ taxation matters.

Key contact

Ajša Stojković