What does the new Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy bring?

In April, the RS National Assembly passed a set of new laws in the field of mining and energy, including the new Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy (hereinafter “the Law”), which entered into force on April 30, 2021.

The newly adopted Law aims to create conditions for efficient use of energy and improve energy efficiency, which will, among other things, contribute to energy savings and security of supply, reduce the impact of the energy sector on the environment and climate change, increase economic competitiveness and improve conditions for economic development.

The law regulates the conditions and manner of efficient use of energy and energy sources, energy efficiency policy, prescribes energy efficiency policy measures – energy use in buildings, use in energy activities and with end customers, for energy facilities and energy services, regulates financing, incentives and other measures in this areas and other matters important for the rights and obligations of individuals and legal entities related to the efficient use of energy.

This Law, among other matters, envisages the establishment of the Directorate for Financing and Encouraging Energy Efficiency within the Ministry of Mining and Energy, instead of the current Budget Fund for Improving Energy Efficiency. According to the provisions of the Law, the Directorate will start working no later than 12 months from the day the Law enters into force, and the plan is to be formed by June 2021.

The Law also provides for several forms of financing and incentives (subsidies) to improve energy efficiency. Subsidies will be also used by households for installation of biomass and gas boilers, insulation systems, windows and doors. Their share will amount up to 50 percent, while the remaining amount will be financed by the Government and local self-government units, with 25 percent each.

With this Law, Serbia harmonizes its regulations in the field of energy with the new EU directives regulating this sector, which includes the introduction of eco-design which prescribes the manner of marking devices that can be found on the market and affect energy consumption, as well as regulations for highly efficient cogeneration.

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